What is Moodboard Creator?

Moodboard Creator is the result of an AI experiment born out of my exploration with LLM APIs. I wanted to review and understand the dynamics of transforming natural language into structured data that somehow adds value, so I decided to go with a tool that assists designers during the inspirational phase of a branding project.

By generating original moodboards rather than relying on internet-scraped images, the tool allows designers to incorporate branding elements provided by the platform. In this regard, it's worth noting that external resources are obtained from open-source services: Google Fonts and Pexels.

Do mind that the app leverages experimental technology—while it aims to provide valuable insights, results may not always be entirely accurate.

How it works?

The goal in designing the creation form was to keep it as simple as possible. It involved a trial-and-error process in order to find a sweet spot between gathering minimal data and delivering interesting results.

The primary input is centered around the business—defining what the product, service, team, etc., is all about. Users then have the opportunity to provide between 3 and 7 keywords that describe the target. For instance, if the focus is on a basketball team, it's crucial to discern whether it's an NBA team or just a group of friends playing on a regular basis.

Since the results may vary from one attempt to the next, the generated moodboard includes a "Try again" button. This button does not trigger an immediate retry—instead, it redirects the user to the creation form with all the fields pre-populated. This decision allows users to iterate and explore subtle changes that might yield more favorable results.

If you have questions or would like to share feedback, don't hesitate to get in touch.